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Graphology is a science of analysing handwriting to gain an insight into the individual’s character. Applying Graphology allows the client to evaluate the writer’s abilities and predispositions.

Graphology is most commonly applied in:

- Cut down the cost and time by selecting the right candidate first time
- Looking for a nanny for your little ones? You can use Graphology as an extra check on her character

Personal Development
- Stop wasting your energy climbing the wrong ladder
- Find out what your strengths are and use them
- Graphology can help choosing the direction that will suit your personality and aspirations

Relationships and compatibility
- Understand your partner better and use this knowledge to build a happier relationships
- Learn about the hidden traits of your prospective partner before committing to a life together
- Uncover the character of your ancestors by analysing old letters.

Graphology is a truly magnificent tool of self-discovery. Better understanding yourself and those around you is the key to self-fulfilment!






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